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The Yeetpaper

$YEET is a crypto MMO token game inspired by the RuneScape Grand Exchange,
World of Warcraft 
Auction House, and trading/merching methods within the games.

$YEET is based on a total supply of just OVER 11,500.

The price is directly reflective of what the community decides for it at the time.
The total supply will never increase and is enforced by the smart contract.
$YEET is purposed to act as an engagement-yielded token to increase or decrease value in monumentally climatic or anti-climatic manners.

It is based on a dualistic system of trust and deception.

$YEET was designed to adapt to the market and become more risk more reward, similar to going into deep wild in RuneScape. 



Q: How long did the $YEET ICO run and how many tokens were minted?

The $YEET ICO ran from September 1st to September 12th at a snapshot price of $4.20. The final result oversold the 9001 token target goal to 11,552.81657351 $YEET.


Q: Will more coins ever be minted?

No, never. The coin had no prior marketing prior to 8/1/2020.
The 33 team members and private investors involved received less than 1,100 tokens which were locked into a liquidity pool.


Q: Why would I purchase $YEET when I can buy any other crypto with utility value?

Do your own research. 


Q: What is the $YEET token address?

The $YEET token address can be found here.


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